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visuall (format)


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Any form of a flat visual image.
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  2. Restrictions on submit
  3. Accepted file format
  4. How to open? (for voting)
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Visuall is short for visual allgear. One could say its the graphical equivalent to allgear, allowing any visual media, as long as it's selfmade, including but not limited to draw, pixel, svg, ansi and ascii art, photography...


Anything that can compose, arrange, and mix image data will suffice.

Restrictions on submit

Anything that is not image data somehow is off limits. Additional rules might apply, pls check the battle bitpacks!

Accepted file format

Generally, submitting a simple image like png, jpg or gif is recommended, since everyone is able to view it.

Keep in mind that jpg does not use lossless compression and lowers the quality of your picture! Although jpg is preferred for photography, if you're using a limited palette as in pixel art, png or gif are recommended!

How to open? (for voting)

If you're using an electronical device, you're able to view image data. Everything else is common knowledge.

Special tutorial for OPM:
1) Double-click on the file you want to open, using your mouse.
2) View the image, watch it, observe it, scrutinize it, analyse it (if applicable).
3) Close the window again, when you're done.

See also

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