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Cans (also known as tincans, Tin Follins, Ting Chengs) are probably the cheapest BotB award one could even get. Even then, it's practical! Wanna know why?

Why Tincans Are Not Bad

Tincans are the biggest thing in conserving food and beverages like olives, corn, meat, fishies, Baycungizer™ (now with lemon flavor), Zan-Zan-Zama-Zoda-Soda™ and beer! A nicely crafted tincan protects all of the above from:
1) air intrusion, which could "acidize" the product (so it's fair to say that it's now kept in vaccum, otherwise known as encapsulated cosmos (space) with no stars and planets ,_,);
2) radiation beams of any kind, including various light Strobes sources, be it the sun or your desk lamp.
3) they have lovely BEANS in them. they're good for your heart. the more you eat them, the lower your cholesterol is. BEANS IN A CAN!

The used tincans (i. e. the ones you win), in turn, are useful for putting various stuff in, in case you're collecting shells or dead 90s computer processors!

P. S. If you know someone who can turn bronze/silver/gold OHB awards into bags of holding, let the BotB administration know! \ ^_^ /

Getting Tincans

Ooh, those are quite an essential part of any OHB or major that has more than three guys pulling their entries o'er there! While there are superawards for the Top 3s, there are also four follow-up entries for each compo/category - all of which receive cans as a compensation.

OHBs, of course, have no more than four - and a follow-upper are able win no more than one. The bigger compos, though, are a completely different story. A major compo that's not Winter/Summer Chip, for instance, can give out 30 (!) tincans to everyone who deserved these, with one BotBr being able to nag six if he's lucky enough to hit EVERY peckin' voting category and the Best Overall top list (which is totally possible on Doom major, it seems :D).

And the ones which are Winter/Summer Chip give out 126-134 (!!!OMFG) tincans, but! With the inclusion of more obscure categories, not all of them find their owner. <_< So far, the only seasonly major with the most realized tincan potential is Winter Chip IX - it still only missed a couple of those, however.

Getting Tincans Deliberately

See some cancore entries. :D This is also called "tincan cheating." Someone may be called a "tincan cheater."

See Also

- null1024, the officially proclaimed former Tincan King!

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