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I am not a promoter, I am a developer. I have an impossible time slowing down to explain the BotB engine when there is still so much work found in building BotB. I was just about to explain the competition on the site in detail -- and thank goodness we got this email before I sent out over 400 emails explaining the winning tracks would be played at an organized Saturday-night Detroit event. But my point is : We do not focus on self-promotion. Instead, our focus is establishing an open-community for any interested and like-minded individuals who care to participate. The art that is created speaks for itself. If we were more organized perhaps we could find a publicist intern to compose a hokey summary laced with anti-establishment undertones and pro-community building ideologies complete with name-dropping and art-snobbery.

'...and because of concerns that the BotB presentation doesn't really fit with the overall "energy" of the show.'

Could you please extrapolate as to what exactly is meant by "energy"? Does this mean that either those are not your own words, that there are feelings that the BotB community movement is subpar, or something even more lame like BotB music is non-genre-specific?

So what can I say? I am having a difficult time not finding the "energy" thing quite insulting. We could be the only ones to blame because we are not all over mySpace asking local Detroit artists to sign-up to BotB, submitting samples of themselves doing anything to be possibly remixed by some very talented & creative peeps, both local and abroad. Was that a run-on sentence? See, I don't compose good copy.

BotB started grassroots style 5 years ago. BotB is now a not-for-profit, ad-free (except for the AMC banner =P) internet community portal. We would like to keep local roots and local people involved. That's where our n00b networking skills really fall short. It is sad that your community chooses not to bridge the gap with our own through reciprocity.

By performing for your Thursday night fundraiser are we not scratching your back? Is 15 minutes the following Saturday really impossible to arrange in light of you having an entire evening at your disposal?

I am afraid we are going to play hardball here. We have a backup venue. If BotB is not "energy" correct enough for your Saturday night then AMC is probably not conducive to our community's positive growth. The whole point of BotB is that everyone is welcome.

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