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teletext (format)

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Teletext is a broadcast standard for displaying text and low-resolution graphics, accessible from most cinescope-based tv sets made between late 80's and 90's.


- zxnet teletext page editor
(can be directly interoperated with editor, via export)
- teletext page editor
(can be directly interoperated with zxnet editor, via export)
- QTeletextMaker (source code)
, (w32 binary build, also runs on wine)

- a 80x75 1bitdepth picture converter to bbcmicro vram dump format, runs on sdlbasic

File formats

These formats can be opened on zxnet teletext editor by drag'n'drop:
- bbc micro display ram
- t42
- ep1
- binary dump level 1 pagedata
- txt (you can drag'n'drop a simple "40columns x 25 lines" txt file, and start drawing/editing over it)
- and just like jummbox, both zxnet and teleletext editors stores the updated edited picture information encoded as base64 on its url

See Also


Teletext today (Simon Rawles)