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Commodore Plus/4

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Music made for the TED chip, used in the Commodore Plus/4, 16 and 116.
Submission should be able to play back on real hardware (or in an emulator)!
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The Commodore Plus/4 was the most popular model of the Commodore 264 series which also included the Commodore 16 and 116 models all released in 1986. The onboard MOS Technology 7360 Text Editing Device (TED
) is an all purpose interface integrated circuit handling input, video and audio. This was a move backwards for Commodore in computer architecture as the C64 celebrated the separation of audio capabilities into it's own chip. While the TED chip offered the same resolution as the VIC-II and almost 8x as many colors, it does not support sprites.

Audio Specs

2 pulse channels; each is on or off (no volume control)
Voice #1 : 8 bit frequency control
Voice #2 : 10 bit frequency control, option to produce noise


Knaecketraecker - Windows tracker
TEDzakker -- Plus/4 & C64 native tracker
music tools
-- a newsgroup collection
- Windows audio player for TED *.c8m, *.prg, and *.sid ( old link, going to disappear soon
) ("visualstudio project" c sources only, no compiled executable binaries there... - same sources available in a git server somewhere

See Also

Commodore Plus/4 on wikipedia

Memory Map
-- TED audio starts at $FF0E