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SunVox is a semi-modular tracker for almost all devices, including mobile.
  1. Tools
  2. Restrictions on submit
  3. Accepted file format
  4. Playback (for voting)
  5. Render to MP3
  6. XM Conversion
  7. See also
The .sunvox format is a specific format of the modular tracker SunVox.



Restrictions on submit

The entry must be saved in the .sunvox format.

Accepted file format


Playback (for voting)

Use SunVox for playback.

Render to MP3

Sunvox menu button -> Export/Import... -> Export to WAV

Then use LAME or something like that to convert the resulting WAV to MP3.

XM Conversion

You can import xms into sunvox, so you could work on an xm in milkytracker or openmpt, then import into sunvox. the only caveat is that even though the effects are the same, xx00 is NOT a value to "continue" the previous effect in sunvox, it instead stops the effect entirely because it's doing the effect with a parameter of 0. So if you want to continue an effect, you have to fill out the parameter each time the effect is used.

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