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sms (format)

Sega Master System

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Music made for the SN76489 / Sega PSG, featured in the Sega Master System and Sega Genesis.
Submission should be able to play back on real hardware (or in an emulator)!
  1. Tools
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  3. Playback (for voting)
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The Master System was a video game console produced by Sega beginning in 1985. For audio, the SMS used a clone of the Texas Instruments SN76489 chip. These clones were also present in the Sega SG-1000 (and SC-3000), Sega Genesis and Game Gear systems, the latter adding stereo functionality.

(sn76489 were also included in other game consoles like Colecovision, home computers like TI99/4A, BBC-Micro, IBM-PCjr, Bandai RX78, and in some arcade machines)

The SN76489 chip has 1 white noise and 3 square wave tone generators. Each channel has 16 levels of volume. The third square wave channel can also be used to control periodic noise in the white noise channel.


Main tools:
- SnevenTracker - Fork of FamiTracker made by HertzDevil. Can export .VGM and .WAV.
- DefleMask Tracker - Multi-chip tracker supporting the SN76489, alongside its bigger brothers. Can export .VGM.

Other tools:
- 1tracker - Technically can do SN7. The SNBasic engine is basically a truncated SN7 tracker, so technically.
- MOD2PSG2 - Tracker that can import .MOD, as well as import and export .MID and .VGM files.
- VGM Music Maker - Shiru's actual SN7 tracker and cousin to TFM Music Maker.
- XPMCK - MML compiler that supports SN7, among many other formats.

Accepted file format

Both this entry format and the sgen entry format share the .VGM file format.

Playback (for voting)

- a winamp plugin for playback

For playback on actual hardware, there is SMS VGM Player
by Maxim.

For submitting a mp3 rendering you can use vgmplay with "LogSound=2" in the vgmplay.ini file - a GNU/Linux bash script would look like (on other operating systems it wouldn't look that different):
echo LogSound=2 > vgmplay.ini
vgmplay song.vgm
lame -b 320 song.wav song.mp3
rm song.wav vgmplay.ini #(this line if you want to delete these files)

See also

Want to listen music ripped from the console’s games? check out the ripped chiptune repository!
- Complete list of ripped chiptunes repositories