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sap (format)

Atari Pokey Chip

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Music made for the Atari POKEY chip. 4 channel mono mode only!! stereo SAP is a hack.
Submission should be able to play back on real hardware (or in an emulator)!
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  2. Restrictions on submit
  3. Playback (for voting)
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The .SAP (Slight Atari Player) Format is a file that contains music data for the Atari POKEY sound chip.


You can make .SAP files in Windows using Raster Music Tracker or XPMCK.

Alternatively, if you prefer to track on real hardware (or emulating), you can try the following programs:
- Chaos Music Composer

- Music ProTracker

- Theta Music Composer

Restrictions on submit

The .SAP format only allows 4 channel (mono) mode. Stereo mode is a hack, so battle entries that use this should therefore be submitted in sapx2 or Wildchip catagories.

Playback (for voting)

Use Another Slight Atari Player
to play .sap-files.

See also

Raster Music Tracker