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plaintext is the format for simple text entries, introduced in February of 2023. It can be used to tell stories, to describe situations and to explain how to bake a cake.


The main tool in plaintext is a simple text editor. Every system should have one.

Keep in mind that you are disallowed from submitting Word or similarly formatted text files. This format is for plain text files. If you are looking for a formatted text format, check pdf (format).

Restrictions on submit

Entrants are restricted to the .txt filetype, with text to be encoded in ASCII or UTF-8. Art, in ASCII form, is allowed IF AND ONLY IF it is in service to the story, and is not a majority or plurality of the entry. For text art entries using .txt files, click here.

- !! IMPORTANT !! -
Keep your entry free of NSFW stuff. All mentions of people within the story are strongly encouraged to be of fictional people only. Both of these restrictions have past precedent, as it was the combination of rampant smut and unwarranted BotBr fanfiction that initially barred literature from the ascii format.

How to view

You COULD use a simple text editor or your browser to view .txt files, but here is an expert trick on how to ACTUALLY consume the purest form of art:

Buy a printer.
If you already have one, don't buy a second one tho, it would be a waste.
Open the .txt file in a tool of your choice and look for the PRINT option.
Buy paper.
Real one. If you already have paper, you should still buy more, because it will run out eventually.
Print the .txt file onto the paper using the printer I mentioned earlier.
Now buy a couch. Unless you already have one, you know how it goes.
Unless it's not a comfy couch. In that case, buy a new one.
Position yourself on the couch in a comfortable way and hold the piece of paper with the printed .txt file in a hand of your choice in a way that you are able to read the words without trouble.
Now you are good to go and able to consume plain text. Have fun!

See also

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