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pc-x801 (format)

NEC PC-x801 FM

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Music made for YM2203 Mono or YM2608 Stereo
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The pc-x801 format covers the NEC PC-8801 and PC-9801 range of desktop computers and the most common sound generators for both computer series.

YM2203 (OPN): 3 FM channels, 3 PSG channels. Mono sound output.

YM2608 (OPNA): 6 FM channels, 3 PSG channels, 6 preset rhythm ADPCM samples, 1 ADPCM sample channel. Stereo sound output.

The -86 soundcard also used the YM-2608B, but as it lacked onboard RAM it did not offer the ADPCM channel. It did have a PCM chip which was 16bit and stereo but this was powered by the computer.


- Professional Music Driver (PMD) (DOS)
- BambooTracker (MS-Windows, GNU/Linux) - the modern standard, modeled after FamiTracker.

Accepted file format

For PMD, it Must be a .M, .M2, .M26 or .M86 format. If it uses PCM, then you must zip the song file along with the PCM file.

For BambooTracker, it must be a .S98 file, as VGMs bigger than 128kb are not playable on PC-x801 hardware (yet).

Playback (for voting)

- FMPMD2000 (PMD, FMP)
- FMPMD for Winamp
- FMPMD for foobar2000
- S98play
(for S98 files on hardware/emulator)
- S98 Input (for foobar and winamp)
- hoot (most accurate sound generation)
- Droidsound-E (Enhanced version) (Android) (PMD, FMP, S98)
- fmplayer (PMD, PLAY6, FMP)
- webs98
(online S98 files player)

Render to MP3

Wave Recording with FMPMD2000 and then convert to MP3 or recording the song being played on hoot (recommended)

If you made an s98 that uses no drum samples, you can use this site to listen to your song:

See also

- BambooTracker
- Complete list of ripped chiptunes repositories - Want to listen to music ripped from the console’s games? check out the ripped chiptune repository!