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Format for the native NES tracker, NTRQ.

NTRQ, instead of using MML-like fields to store instrument-related data, uses tables. There is the instrument table, the pitch table, the duty table, and the song table. The song table specifies what patterns to use for each channel per frame. It also has another column, called the "master track", which can manipulate the playback in different ways, such as repeating the same frame a specified number of times, or fading out. There can be up to eight songs, all sharing the same data, but with a different song table.

All data for NTRQ is stored in a 8kB SRAM (.sav) file. Be sure to check that your emulator doesn't compress the SRAM file. The most recent version of the "NTRQ format" itself— how the SRAM is "laid-out", as Baldwin puts it —was last revised in NTRQ 1.6, released 01 Jul 2010.

The NTRQ ROM can be patched with custom DMCs and SRAM files can be converted into NSFs with included command line utilities.


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