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nsf_classic (format)

NES/Famicom Classic

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Music made for the 2A03-chip, featured in the Nintendo Entertainment System
no DPCM or expansion chips
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  2. Restrictions on submit
  3. Accepted file format
  4. Playback (for voting)
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nsf_classic is a format like your regular ol' NSF, except you can't use that DPCM channel you like so much. Have fun.


Check out nsf (format) for a complete list.

Restrictions on submit

The nsf_classic format is for 2a03 only with the additional restriction, that you can't use the DPCM-channel; DPCM is allowed in the nsf-format, expansions are accepted in the nsfplus-format.
That means, the only channels you may use for this format are Pulse 1, Pulse 2, Triangle and Noise.

The nsf classic format aims for a "classic" sound design and functionality-usage of the chip. This means no overclocking/higher refresh rates, no DPCM samples, and no use of the Zxx effect (delta counter for DPCM). For Example: If you're using Famitracker, simply do not use the DPCM channel or change the refresh rate. Pulse 1, Pulse 2, Triangle and Noise only.

Additional specs for those making their own tools: you must only use these 2a03 or 2a07 channels: pulse 1, pulse 2, triangle and noise. you must not update those channels more than once per NMI.

Accepted file format


that's all!

no .ftm or .0cc - only .nsf !!

Playback (for voting)

There is a list with compatibility info here

For playback on actual hardware, both the PowerPak
and the EverDrive N8 PRO
(but not the original EverDrive N8!) have built-in NSF players. There is also EZNSF
to convert NSF file(s) into a .nes ROM.

See also

- nsf (format)
- 2a03 (soundchip)
- NES Famicom (console)
- nsfplus (format)