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nsf (format)

NES/Famicom 2A03

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Music made for the 2A03-chip, featured in the Nintendo Entertainment System
no expansion chips allowed!
  1. Tools
  2. Restrictions on submit
  3. Accepted file format
  4. Playback (for voting)
  5. Render to MP3
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The nsf format is a specific format of music created on the 2a03 only, available in NES/Famicom consoles. See nsfplus (format) on the nsf extended format and nsf_classic (format) for the more limited format.

NSF stands for NES Sound Format, but this is frequently mistaken as Nintendo Sound Format.


- FamiTracker (by far the most popular tool for this format)
- 0CC-FamiTracker
- it2nsf
- DefleMask Tracker
- NerdTracker II
- NesTracker
- s3m2nsf

Restrictions on submit

The nsf format is for 2a03 only; expansions are accepted in the nsfplus format.

Accepted file format


A common beginner's mistake is to submit a FTM (FamiTracker Module) to a NSF compo instead of an NSF file (don't do this!).

Playback (for voting)

Examples of tools that can play .NSF files include:
- NSFPlay
- VirtuaNSF (version is recommended)
There is a more comprehensive list with compatibility info here

For playback on actual hardware, both the PowerPak
and the EverDrive N8 PRO
(but not the original EverDrive N8!) have built-in NSF players. There is also EZNSF
to convert NSF file(s) into a .nes ROM.

Render to MP3

Both NSFPlay and VirtuaNSF can render .wav files from .nsf files; note that in some cases, such as when a song is longer than five minutes or loops forever, the output length will need to be specified and/or the resulting file will need to be trimmed. After rendering to .wav, a sound editing tool such as Audacity can be used to normalize the sound file, add a fade out to a looping track, and convert the (minimally) edited song to an .mp3.

See also

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