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free open source musical score notation software; website
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MuseScore is a powerful, free score editor which allows playback. It can be used to notate sheet music for performers, though on BotB, the resulting audio from playback/render is typically what is voted upon, unless a bitpack specifies otherwise. Recent versions of MuseScore support VSTs, although they are not allowed for the BotB format, much like the Renoise and OpenMPT formats.


The latest version of MuseScore can be downloaded for free here

With the release of MuseScore 4, a launcher for Muse Group products named "Muse Hub" can also be downloaded. Through here, the free (and optional) "Muse Sounds" sound libraries may also be downloaded (~15GB). They are considerably more expressive and rich-sounding than the standard soundfont, which instead uses a General MIDI implementation.

Restrictions on submit

Your file has to be in the MuseScore file format .mscz and should open in the latest version of MuseScore 4.
Earlier versions (i.e. MuseScore 2 and 3) may not be able to read MuseScore 4 files.

For MuseScore 3 and earlier, you must use only the default MuseScore soundfont ("MuseScore_General.sf3"), no external sound banks.

For MuseScore 4, you have the option of using the free "Muse Sounds" library that is offered through the Muse Hub application, in addition to the default MuseScore soundfont (renamed "MS Basic"). No other external sound banks or VSTs can be used.

Playback (for voting)

Open the file in MuseScore and press the space bar to begin playback. As MuseScore 4 uses an entirely new audio engine, the audio of scores that use prior versions will NOT be translated properly into MuseScore 4. The file should be playable, but may have some differences or discrepancies.

For earlier versions, a possible conflict due to version differences is a "File is Corrupt" message. You may still be able to play back the file if you click the "Ignore" button.

For voting on an XHB, the Muse Sounds library is not required. BotBrs should therefore keep in mind that if their score uses Muse Sounds, potentially not all voters will have this installed, and they may instead be listening through the "MS Basic" soundfont.


The introduction of the "Muse Sounds" sample libraries with MS4 made rendering MuseScore entries slightly more complicated. Though the Muse Sounds are free, they are a hefty 15GB donload, and not all BotBrs may be able to (or want to) set this up. To this end, anyone can request a Muse Sounds render from another BotBr if desired, as one would a hardware render of a chiptune.

Otherwise, rendering should be done using the default MuseScore soundfont - "MuseScore_General.sf3" in MS3, "MS Basic" in MS4.

For majors, the render is typically what is voted upon.

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