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mod64k (format)

64k tracker module

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Tracker Module file made by using samples!
files no larger than 65,536 bytes
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One of the variants of the S3XMODIT format, which enforces a maximum module size limit (commonly referred to as "Limited k" or "mod*k"). It earns a BotBr points of the mixist class instead of the chipist class, as achieved in the other mod*k-formats (more info on the different classes here). This is the only mod*k format that awards Mixist points

Check out the 'See Also' paragraph for the other mod*k variants and formats closely related to them.


This mod*k S3XMODIT variant enforces a maximum module size of 64kB (65536 bytes). Any module submitted larger than this size, as well as the use of FM instruments in Scream Tracker 3 modules, will be regarded as disqualified / cheating.

# General description comparing nearby mod*k formats, what is possible and different from the others

File Formats
The accepted module files are the same as in the normal S3XMODIT category:
*.s3m (Scream Tracker 3)
*.xm (Fast Tracker II)
*.mod (Amiga ProTracker)
*.it (Impulse Tracker)

Generally speaking, all tools / editors that allow for play back of one of the specific formats will do. The original tracker software should also be the most accurate.
However it is known that Milky Tracker's *.it playback is not accurate, as it's not fully compatible with the *.it file format (it does not correctly emulate NNAs, instruments, channel commands, and many more aspects of the format and instead tries to convert the *.it to an *.xm).

Software which use the modern and very accurate 'libopenmpt' library should suffice as well.

Two recommended tools for playback are:
OpenModPlugTracker (OpenMPT)
Schism Tracker

Tools & Tips
You can use the original tracker tool of a given format to write tracks for, though all of these are written for the MS-DOS platform and require the user to use either a real computer that runs MS-DOS or use a virtual machine (e.g. DOS-BOX) that can emulate a computer running MS-DOS.

Fortunately, there are plenty of modern re-implementations / clones of software that use these formats, that allow the user to work within a modern operating system and doesn't require the user the hassle around with virtual disks / directories to import/export samples, modules, etc.
The most used software for this appears to be OpenModPlugTracker (OpenMPT) at this moment.

Words of wisdom from iamgreaser:

This is the part where you don't bother with chip samples and instead focus all your might on sounding good. Because 64k really is impossible to fill with only 8k of samples (unless you're using .xm, and/or are foolish and/or unaware enough to leave 16-bit and/or stereo samples in).

64k is plenty when you have 64 channels.

However, if you manage to fill 64k of decent pattern, good job.

See Also

Other Variants
Listed below are the other mod*k S3XMODIT format variants:

Related Formats
Listed below are other related formats:
S3XMODIT (*.s3m, *.xm, *.mod, *.it)
Amigamod (*.mod)
ModPlugTracker Module (*.mptm)

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