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maxYMiser was designed by gwEm
, whose rugged handsomeness is known across the globe.

maxYMiser is a YM2149 tracker for the Atari ST. It can be used on a wide variety of hardware Atari ST machines and has DMA sample capabilities.



maxYMiser is free, features a full MIDI implementation, and easy to use FastTracker II style editing. Like other recent ST trackers, it can use the processing power of the ST to use digidrums (4 bit samples played by the YM), custom waveforms and SID-reminiscent effects, and FM (but not with sines obviously). Saves sndh files.

Here's a demo

Set up

You will need an ST emulator, such as Steem
, and a TOS ROM (the operating system) which you can get from the same link (or alternatively use the great EmuTOS
, an alternative enhanced open-source OS, recommended, 256k version). For DMA use EmuTOS or TOS 2.06. Earlier versions either won't support it, or are bugged. BUT since the DMA is an extension chip that offers 2 more channels of sample playing, its use can induce downvoting. Maybe use the DMA channels in allgear (format)?

Download MaxYMiser here: maxYMiser donload

If you don't know Steem or the Atari ST you might want to follow these steps before you run Steem for the 1st time:
  • Create a hard drive directory in your Steem folder where to unzip the maxYMiser files
  • Run Steem. When prompted for a hard drive, click yes and select the folder you've created
  • Once on the ST desktop, select a floppy icon and go to the menu Options > Install disk drive
  • Enter capital C as drive id and whichever name as label, click Install
  • Double-click the new C icon, it should open your virtual hard drive where you've unzipped maxYMiser
  • Go to the menu again: Options > Set preferences
  • Select medium resolution (matter of taste but maybe more confortable for the file selector)
  • Menu again: Options > Save desktop, so that you don't have to repeat this next time!

Tutorials & doc

Documercial part 1 of 3

Documercial part 2 of 3

Documercial part 3 of 3

Fantastic in-depth tutorials by gwEm
(including history of software-powered chip hacks on Atari ST and how to achieve them in maxYMiser)

HTML tutorials, PDF doc


- aym (format)

gwEm works on it himself, you can contact him here

See also

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