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SNES Mario Paint

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Mario Paint was a video game for the SNES released in 1992. It came with a music editor.
Use Mariopants for creating your entry.
Not to be confused with Mario Paint Composer!
  1. Shroom Utilities
  2. Mariopants
  3. modshroom
  4. ZST save state
  5. Mario Paint Music Sequencer/Etc.
  6. See Also
Mario Paint was a video game for the SNES released in 1992. It came with a two-button mouse and a mouse pad. Features included a really crappy animation engine, some bug-swatting game "Gnat Attack!" & a music editor. The Mario Paint format on BotB should NOT be confused with Mario Paint Composer, a Mario Paint look-alike program that removes some limitations present in the original editor.

Shroom Utilities

In May of 2007, Strobe & setrodox developed the ShroomTool and ShroomPlayer. ShroomTool allows for the extraction and insertion of Mario Paint song data using .sho files. ShroomPlayer allows the playback of .sho files without using SNES emulation (by dragging the .sho file onto the Player's executable icon only).

It's generally considered that these utilities have been deprecated for public use and are considered "legacy".

See ShroomTool.


Mariopants is a cross-platform, open source Mario Paint composer that exports in save states and *.sho file format. It was written by rainwarrior.

See Mariopants.


shroomod is a cross-platform, open source, command line amigamod to *.sho conversion suite written by cce.

See modshroom.

ZST save state

Using Mario Paint ZSNES Save State files is not official anymore, but you could use exploits to go crazy with mariopaint.
Helpful information about that can be found inthis thread!

Mario Paint Music Sequencer/Etc.

Please note that this is NOT a valid format to submit for this format. If you wish to use these tools and tools like them that do not output *.sho, Super Nintendo/Famicom save states, or SRAM, please submit them for wildchip and allgear.

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