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a sine wave tracker where you sequence pitches in hertz rather than traditional note names
  1. Restrictions on submit
  2. Playback (for voting)
  3. Known bugs
  4. Funny stuff
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klangfreude DIGITAL SINE CRAFTER is a unique tracker that takes note input in the form of Hz values rather than traditional note names. Rather than using A through G with octave numbers, you input numbers representing the frequency you want to hear (for example, A440 = 440 Hz).

Currently the only available sound is a sine wave (hence "SINE CRAFTER"), although more options are intended to be on the way in a future "full power" update. Likewise, no effects exist yet besides volume.

Just intonation is a focus of this tracker: a "fundamental" pitch can be set (and easily changed), then called up in other rows to have ratios applied to it, for example 2/1 producing an octave above the fundamental.

You can download the tracker here:
(original download link is dead)

Restrictions on submit

Your entry must be made with the klangfreude tracker and saved with its own file format .kftm.

Playback (for voting)

* Online KFTM Player
- All .kftm modules should be playable in this online tool, so you don't have to download the tracker if you don't want to.
* All .kftm modules should be playable in klangfreude as well, if you are having issues opening files check the bugs section below.

Known bugs

* Current version does not support whitespace in file names or paths. Move the file to someplace with no spaces.
* You may need to try a shorter filename or path as well if a module doesn't load.
* You may have to open the .kftm file through the tracker's "Open" dialog and not via OS filetype associations.

Funny stuff

* A fun and hacky method to get PCM audio in klangfreude exists, by using volume command values much larger than intended to DC offset silence after note cuts. At extremely high speed settings (several thousand) each row acts as 1 sample. BotB's own kleeder has made a Python script to convert a given .wav to KFTM module content. Due to the filesize limit of 10MB for the format, only about 65500 "samples" can be given, so downsampling your .wav is necessary to get more than a second or two of audio.

See also

* klangfreude website
- download + documentation
down as of 11/05/2022
* archived website
- download + documentation
* Just intonation
on Wikipedia
* Format