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An online sequencer for sketching and sharing chiptune melodies.
  1. Restrictions on submit
  2. Playback (for voting)
  3. List of common variants
  4. See also
JummBox is an online sequencer that can be found here:

Restrictions on submit

• Your submitted file has to be a .txt including the jummbox-url.
(for avoiding any eventual confusion, please help verifying this, and correct if needed: the base64 code in this jummbox-url is actually the compressed song, not a kind of file id hosted somewhere online, like pastebin or youtube does )
• Variants such as Modded Beepbox, Todbox etc. (or the original Beepbox) are allowed!

Playback (for voting)

You can simply open the url
There is also an offline player(?) More information needed pls KEFFIE!!!

HELLO kleeder!!! yes, there is an offline player here: (you just save the webpage and it will work the same)

List of common variants

(These (and other variants) are permissible to submit)

beepbox -
goldbox -
modded beepbox -
todbox -

See also