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a weird monster that pretends to generate nsf files out of specially made it files. It's not yet fully released to the public, but definately on the testing phases =o Tit's a LIE jajajajajaj!XD

it2nsf is located here

which is afaik official released (tool is at least at a 1.0 release) Be sure the check the readme! there are quite a few things you should avoid using until they're worked at.

"IT2NSF is a conversion program that accepts special IT (Impulse Tracker
module) files which contain instrument data specified with a form of MML and
then produces NSF (NES sound format) music files with it."

Description from the /projects page also elaborates and says
"The successor to S3M2NSF. It converts IT files to NSF files. The IT files must have special MML data in the song message. The MML data describes how the instruments will sound (including duty envelopes and such!), and the layout of the module channels. The program also has a special feature which generates 'preview' instruments inside an IT file so you can hear what you are composing. The instruments are multi-sampled at different octaves to have an accurate sound at any pitch. All of the NSF expansion chips are supported!"

Downloads here!

Source code here

OSX port by KungFuFurby

2A03 only IT module

2A03+VRC6 IT module

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