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42% big lumby

html (format)

token - html

points - WebDevist

file types - .zip .html .htm

max filesize - 1,024kb

description - files no larger than 1mb
  1. Restrictions on submit
  2. Tools
  3. Accepted file format
  4. See also
battles on BotB are about building a web page from scratch in an hour.

Restrictions on submit

CSS is permitted; Flash, Java, and anything else that requires a plugin are not. Similarly, Javascript is banned due to the similarity between HTML5 JS and HTML4 and lower JS, though was permitted before then. All resources (images, stylesheets, et cetera) used in the entry must be the author's own work (and, in the case of OHBs, created during the entry period). Hotlinking to files on the Internet is prohibited, since it wastes bandwidth from the host, is prone to breaking, and usually breaks one of the other rules anyway.


Any text editor can be used for making an HTML submission, though most people use WYSIWYG editors(for example, Froala
and BlueGriffon
) in order to make bigger and more intricate submissions within the hour given.

Accepted file format

The submitted file must either be a standalone .html or .htm file or, if the page contains external resources (such as images, videos, music, other pages, etc.) a .zip file containing the main .html file and assets.

See also

Want to learn HTML? w3schools
might be a good place to start. Once you get a grasp of it, there is also MDN Web Docs
for an extensive documentation and references about it and related web technologies.