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foobar2000 is a well known favorite player along chiptune enthusiast, not only by being one of the lightiest memory consuming music player, also because it has a huge repository of plugins that enhances some features to the player; they are called components, good thing of these is that they expanded support for all well known chiptune formats!


you can customize quite much everything on foobar and furthermore by adding components here are pics of some designs;

- Skin by vilxdryad


here is the link to the download page of foobar2000 for Windows operative systems

- foobar2000's Download page

also, few days ago after a successful fundraiser campaign, foobar2000 is now supported on mobile phones BUT no component system are implemented at the moment, even so; they still can playback a bunch of chiptune formats natively:

foobar2000 for android
- foobar2000 on Play Store

foobar2000 for iOS
- foobar2000 on App Store

foobar2000 for Windows Universal (Windows 10)
- foobar2000 on MIcrosoft Store

They all are on a very early stage of development, your feedback is encouraged to support these apps, you can talk to the developers in their also brand new forum:
- foobar2000's Forum

Format support components

you need to have installed these plugins in order to play the correspondent format here is a list of foobar plugins that makes you able to listen more formats;

- foo_ac3
(Adds support to the ATSC A-52 Bitstream's .AC3 format.)
- foo_adpcm
(Adds support to .DSP, .GCM, .HPS, .IDSP, .SPT/SPD, .MSS, .ADP, .EA, .MUS/ASF, .MAP, .PCM, .DVI, .XA, .WAF, .WPD, .MPF, .WDT, .KWF, .NWA, .PX, .BW and so on... formats.)
- foo_ac3
(Adds support to the Atari 8-bits chiptunes in the .SAP, .CMC, .CM3, .CMR, .CMS, .DMC, .DLT, .MPT, .MPD, .RMT, .TMC, .TM8, .TM2 and FC formats.)
- foo_input_hdcd
(Adds support to the .HDCD format.)
- foo_dumb
(Adds support to .MOD, .S3M, .XM, .IT, .STM, .669, .PTM, .PSM, .MTM, .DSM, ASYLUM .AMF, .UMX and J2B formats. [OLD AND INACCURATE, USE FOO_OPENMPT INSTEAD]
- foo_gep
(Adds support to .GBS, .GYM, .HES, .KSS, .NSF, .NSFE, .SAP, .SPC and VGM formats.)
- foo_input_adplug
(Adds support to the AdPlug formats.)
- foo_input_avs
(Adds support to the AviSynth Scripts's .AVS format.)
- foo_input_dsdiff
(Adds support to the DsDiff's .DFF format.)
- foo_input_dts
(Adds support to .DTS .DTSWAV .FLAC, WAVPACK .TAK formats.)
- foo_input_gep
(Adds support to .AY, .GBS, .GYM, .HES, .KSS, .NSF, SAP, .SGC, .SPC and VGM formats.)
- foo_input_gsf
(Adds support to the .GSF and .MiniGSF format.)
- foo_input_ht
(Adds support to Sega Dreamcast's and Sega Saturn's .DSF, .MiniDSF, .SSF, .MiniSSF formats.)
- foo_input_hvl
(Adds support to the Hively Tracker .HVL and Abyss .AHX formats.)
- foo_input_kdm
(Adds support to the .KDM format.)
- foo_input_mdx
(Adds support to the Sharp X86000 .MDX format.)
- foo_input_ncsf
(Adds support to the Nitro Composer Sound Format's .NCSF format.)
- foo_openmpt54
(As the name suggests, renders all formats supported by OpenMPT. This is an improved fork by Kode54 which adds a tracker pattern view visualisation
(screen by Midori)
- foo_input_org
(Adds support to the Organya's .ORG format.)
- foo_input_qsf
(Adds support to the Capcom's .QSF format.)
- foo_input_s98
(Adds support to NEC PC-8801 and NEC PC-9801's OPN/OPNA/OPM/OPL's .S98 formats.)
- foo_input_shorten
(Adds support to Shorten formats.)
- foo_input_spu
(Adds support to the .SPU format.)
- foo_input_syntrax
(Adds support to the Jaytrax/Syntrax modules .JXS format.)
- foo_input_tak
(Adds support to the .TAK format.)
- foo_input_tfmx
(Adds support to .TFMX, .TFM, .TFX and MDAT formats.)
- foo_input_usf
(Adds support to the Nintendo 64's .USF and .MiniUSF format.)
- foo_input_v2m
(Adds support to the Farbrausch V2 module's .V2M format.)
- foo_input_vgmstream
(Adds support to most streamed music files.)
- foo_input_vios2f
(Adds support to the Nintendo DS's .2SF and .Mini2SF format.)
- (Adds support to Yamaha's .YM format.)
- foo_midi
(Adds support to the MIDI's format.)
- foo_psf
(Adds decoding support for Sony Playstation Sound Format files (.PSF/.MINIPSF) as well as Playstation 2 Sound Format files (.PSF2/.MINIPSF2).)
- foo_sid
(Adds support to the Commodore 64's .SID format.)
- foo_snesapu
(Adds support to the Super Nintendo's/Super Famicom's .SPC format.)
- foo_lunar2
(Adds support to the Sega CD's versions of the video game Lunar: Eternal Blue's .PCM format.)
- Monkey
(Adds support to the Monkey Audio's .APE and APL formats.)

Other useful components

- foo_unpack_7z
(Allows you to playback .7Z compressed files.)
- foo_unpack_jma
(Allows you to playback .JMA compressed files.)
- foo_unpack_lha
(Allows you to playback .LHA compressed files.)
- foo_unpack_unix
(Allows you to playback files compressed in .GZIP, .GUNZIP, .ZCAT, .GZCAT, .TAR, .CPIO, .PAX, .BZIP2 and .ZIP formats.)

More components!

All the components listed adobe where ripped from these sources, you should check the other ones too!

- Official foobar2000 website's foobar2000 component repositories

- kode54's foobar2000's component repositories

- Ru^3 Honpo's foobar2000's component repositories

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