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famitracker (format)

token - famitracker

points - Chipist

file types - .ftm

max filesize - 10mb

description - tracker module only
  1. Tools
  2. Restrictions on submit
  3. Accepted file format
  4. Playback (for voting)
  5. See also
The famitracker format is a specific format of the 2a03 tracker Famitracker.

This format was first introduced on Spring Tracks III.


- Famitracker

Restrictions on submit

The entry must be saved in .ftm file format and created in FamiTracker - and that's it. It's basically a no-holds-barred, all-expansion, no-limit format!

Accepted file format


Playback (for voting)


See also

- 2a03 (soundchip)
- 0CC-FamiTracker
- j0CC-FamiTracker
- FamiTracker Effects Commands
- nsf (format)
- nsfplus (format)
- nsf_classic (format)