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Doom is a popular first person shooter video game. Released initially in late 1993 for DOS, it quickly became ported to more consoles than you or your grandpa could shake a stick at!

The source code for the game's engine, the Doom engine, was released publicly in 1997. Thanks to this, there have been several different projects that have added more functionality to the Doom engine. A popular example of this is ZDoom.

The PC versions have all game data contained in a single file, the WAD file. There are two types of WADs: PWADs and IWADs. IWADs are WAD of the original commercial games released for the Doom engine, such as Doom, Doom II, Hexen, and Heretic. PWADs are WADs made by hobbyists (and BotBrs here) that use graphics and sounds from an IWAD. The most used IWAD for custom Doom levels is Doom II's.

Doom on BotB

Doom entries on BotB are generally single-player maps for either Doom or Doom II. WADs may also include custom music
to be used in the map. Maps submitted to BotB should be compatible with a "vanilla" Doom implementation such as the original Doom executable or a highly-compatible source port such as Chocolate Doom
. Other popular source ports such as ZDoom add functionality beyond the original implementation and are more fault-tolerant than the original engine, so don't rely on such ports to catch your mapping errors!

How to Play

Just a few notes, because they were missing here.
If you search for "doom download" on google, you should find the game download very quickly. You have to use DOSBox to open it, because its a DOS game. There should be several tutorials for this online.

Tools and resources


, a cross-platform Doom map editor
Doom Builder
, a Doom map editor for Windows
Doom Wiki
, a wiki for Doom-related information
Ultimate Doom

Doom II