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30% R3M

deflemask (format)

DefleMask Legacy

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Tracker module file made for free DefleMask Legacy. If your module only opens in one of the newer, paid versions, it is illegal. Render recording has to be done in Legacy Version as well!
The deflemask format is(/was?) a specific format of the module tracker Deflemask Tracker. The format was suspended in April 2021 due to the program becoming a paid product from version 1 onwards, with discussion on how to carry on the format from hereon ongoing as of this revision.

If Deflemask appears in battles, make sure to only use LEGACY versions of the tool, in other words: FREE versions. There are download links for older, free versions available here:

If your entry only opens in a new, paid version, dont submit it to Deflemask- its not allowed.

Use Legacy DefleMask Tracker for playback.

Render to MP3

You can export the song to .wav. Covert this to an mp3 however you want.