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chipbattle_art (format)

chip battle art
token - chipbattle_art

points - Pixelist

file types - .gif .png .bmp

max filesize - 750kb

description - must be a square image; accepted dimensions are 100px 150px 200px 300px 600px
  1. Tools
  2. Restrictions on submit
  3. Accepted file format
This format is for the creation of art for a chip battle, an example being Winter Chip. It is an album-cover-style image, which is used to represent each battle. While a battle is currently in the entry or voting phase, the BotB homepage will randomize the battle art between all battle art entries. Once the voting phase has ended, the winning entry will become the permanent battle art (that is, the ones that placed beneath the leader don't even count!).


Huge list of pixel art tools
by BotB's own ui

Restrictions on submit

For a chip battle, entrants will receive Pixelist points for their battle art entries. While pixel art is the thematically preferred style for entries, it is not required.

Accepted file format

As a note, .jpg is NOT an allowed file format.