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bytebeat1k (format)

bytebeat 1k

Point Type:
File Types:
Max Filesize:
1,024 bytes
Algorithms and math equations, that are used to produce sound. Submission requires: link to generator tool, sample playback rate, and algorithm(s)
files no larger than 1,024 bytes
  1. Tools
  2. Further learning
"Just type something into the thing! Don't write a thing to...type the thing that you cut and paste into the...aww, jeez!" - puke7 on the Spring Tracks IV resluts stream

This is a variation on the bytebeat format where submissions are limited to 1024 bytes. The reason for creating such a format is to try and keep BotBrs from creating tool assisted entries. Converting module files or the like to a bytebeat entry is not the same as building an algorithm that operates against time from the ground up.

In 2021 this format's point type was changed from Mixist to the new Signalist class.


html5 editor
- big visualizer (examples here

html5 editor
- stereo capable
Glitch Machine
- an iPhone app that utilizes Polish notation
Random ByteBeat Generator
- A random byteBeat generator
- the original bytebeat sandbox by viznut and Bemmu. With visuals. online js version

- node.js bytebeat interpreter by funute
- renderer for compiled bytebeat programs by HertzDevil

Further learning

great collection of demo vids

Kragen's brain dump

Viznut's white paper

Group Thread with tips