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31% HertzDevil

bytebeat (format)

token - bytebeat

points - Mixist

file types - .txt

max filesize - 10mb

description - submission requires : link to generator tool, sample playback rate, and algorythm(s)
  1. tools
  2. further learning
"Bytebeat was an interesting experiment this time around. Uh, had a lot of surprises, aaaaand people, man," - puke7 on the Spring Tracks IV resluts stream

Bytebeat was invented by Viznut of PWP fame in September of 2011. The core concept is applying an algorithm to t where t equals the number of steps in time based on the chosen sample rate. The output is 8-bit and values above 255 are wrapped. Because of the nature of this format it may be quite difficult to generate something both pleasant and unique. ;)


html5 editor
- big visualizer (examples here

html5 editor
- stereo capable
Glitch Machine
- an iPhone app that utilizes Polish notation
Random ByteBeat Generator
- A random byteBeat generator
- the original bytebeat sandbox by viznut and Bemmu. With visuals. online js version

- node.js bytebeat interpreter by funute
- renderer for compiled bytebeat programs by HertzDevil

further learning

great collection of demo vids

Kragen's brain dump

Viznut's white paper

Group Thread with tips