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  1. Boxes
  2. Current Services
  3. Miscellaneous tips, tricks, and documentation
  4. Plans for Future Stuff
DISCLAIMER: doesnt exist anymore! This article is going to stay for archiving reasons.

As of right now, is having some security issues with their servers. We do not know how long it'll take, but hopefully the servers will be ok soon.
is a website and collection of *nix boxes, primarily for botbr use and utility. This article details's services and what it's currently being utilized for!

The two admins are its founder, R3M and his partner-in-crime, electronoob.


This list details every node of the network. Nodes are connected on a VPN.

  • The primary server, nicknamed Scrub, runs Fedora, lives in New York, and hosts botbr webpages, and is the hub of the project. When you use '' to describe a box, you usually mean this one.

  • The second server, located at
    and nicknamed Zombi, runs Ubuntu. It currently serves as a mirror of Scrub's public HTML, and lives in France.

  • The third server, located at
    and nicknamed Parasite, runs FreeBSD. It is located in California.

  • The fourth server, located at
    and nicknamed Mummi, runs CentOS. It is located in Quebec.

  • Current Services

  •'s primary function is in its web hosting. Upon account creation, botbrs are given a public_html directory to put their web-facing stuffs in! There is PHP support, along with MySQL (ask)

  • has a mumble server, port 64738. The password is 'peeforce'.

  • It also has a thin-client local chat thing. Type `geektalk` to check it out!

  • currently has programming support for C, C++, Go, Perl, Python, Ruby, node.js, and Lua! I'm probably forgetting some.

  • Common utilities, such as screen, tmux, bsdgames, etc, are installed. If you want something installed, don't hesitate to ask!

  • Miscellaneous tips, tricks, and documentation

  • Type `this` at the command line. I dare you.

  • `qdb` at the command line burps out a random >1 quote.

  • Plans for Future Stuff

  • Full https for every box.

  • Email service

  • weird muck thing?

  • game servers

  • bsd/exotic box
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