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boom (format)

Boom Map

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custom level(s) for Boom-compatible Doom clones
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Boom is a source port created by TeamTNT for the game Doom. Boom is the only other format besides Doom, which is giving Mappist Points.


- No engine limits
- Configurable animated and switch textures.
- Deep water effects.
- Scrolling walls, floors, and ceilings, including support for conveyor belts.
- Translucent walls and sprites.
- Friction effects, such as mud and ice.
- Custom colormaps (which can provide, for example an underwater blue "tint").
- Silent teleporters, which can be useful for fake "room over room" effects.
- Elevators which move the floor and ceiling of a sector together.
- Generic linedef types - a particular linedef behaviour can be "calculated" using a separate linedef calculator program called TRIGCALC.EXE.
- A DeHackEd extension standard, BEX.


, a cross-platform Doom map editor
Doom Builder
, a Doom map editor for Windows
, another cross-platform Doom editor
Doom Wiki
, a wiki for Doom-related information
Ultimate Doom

Doom II

Restrictions on submit

Submission must be a .wad-file compatible with Boom. Remember to specify which IWAD core to use! (e.g. doom1, doom2, The Ultimate Doom etc.)

Quote from Xaser

Quote link here!
Unless you're dealing with DEHACKED (which isn't applicable here), there's really only one feature (inherited from MBF) that is technically "off-limits" for real Boom-compat: line special 271 (Sky Transfer), though TBH most "Boom-compat" projects these days don't really care if you use it anyway. Dunno what the line in the sand is here, but it ought not be necessary for this contest unless somebody wants to be a goof and use more than one sky texture in their map.

Really, the biggest piece of advice is to not exclusively test in ZDoom, since it's lenient on a few things that will cause issues in other engines (we call these "ZDoomisms" :P). Use PrBoom+ with -complevel 9, or if the lack of mouselook bugs you, check out Eternity instead:

See also

Boom-Page on the official Doom-Wiki

doom (format)