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Battles are the core of BotB activity. Without battles, why bit?

Battle Stages

Bit Period - The preliminary phase of some battles during which one or multiple BotBrs can create the pack of files (typically music samples) to be used during a battle; these files are collectively referred to as the bitpack. This stage is part of all Detroit and Ann Arbor majors; with XHBs or any other majors, the bit period may be nonexistent or have different rules as to what kind of content is allowed. The bitpack does not have to be made of music samples, and can vary from battle to battle. In most XHBs, for example, the bitpack is nothing more than a text file containing a prompt and/or specific rules for the battle.

Entry Period - Crazy times of creative activity! During the entry period, BotBrs can submit entries via the nifty submission form. These entries can later be voted on during the voting period (see below). For XHBs, the entry period can extend into the voting period, but those who submit after the entry period time is up are penalized with point deductions from their entry's final score (see the "XHB" section below for more details).

Voting Period - A nice chance to rack up some Criticist points! As the name implies, the voting period is when all registered BotBrs can vote on the entries submitted during the entry period.

Resluts - Once the voting period concludes, the votes of each entry are calculated; the BotBr with the highest average voting score wins! Resluts are sometimes referred to as "results".

Battle Types

Major Battles
Major Battles
Major battles usually take place over the course of a month or more. The voting period typically lasts two weeks, but can take longer if there are extensions. In these battles, there are five voting categories; each one can be rated from one to seven for a total of up to 35. The voting categories can be interpreted as one sees fit, as the names of categories have no specific meaning. An entry that you have not yet voted on is marked with a star icon:
. An entry's final score in a major battle is the average of the total score it received from each voter. BotBrs whose entries make it to the top three get a gold, silver, or bronze trophy for their profile. Additionally, those who make the top three entries in each voting category also get a category-specific trophy for their profile. If a battle has multiple formats, then those with the top three entries in each format get format trophies as well. In addition to trophies, entries can be awarded tincans (
). Tincans are given if an entry places from forth to seventh in a voting category or format. Much like trophies, these are also displayed on the winner's profile.

The larger Major Battles allow BotBrs to enter multiple entries in different formats, while other smaller majors only allow one entry in one format. A list of every major battle on BotB can be found here.

There are some reccuring Battle Themes, namely:
- big annual battles like Winter Chip, Summer Chip and Spring Tracks with a lot of different formats
- 25 Samples 48 Hours
- 3xThemeChip
- remix battles given a Bitpack
- Themed allgear battles, they usually happen around fall

Minor Battles (XHBs)
One Hour Battles (OHB's, formerly known as OHC's)
One Hour Battles are battles that take approximately 90 minutes to complete in their entirety. BotBrs must create an entry in 60 minutes based on the given bitpack then submit their entry anonymously. If a BotBr is late, they can still submit, but they will lose points on their entry score depending on how late their submission is (-1.000 point loss per minute). After the entry period is up, BotBrs can vote on a simplified voting scale of one to seven (one being bad and seven being good). Once the OHB host closes the battle, all votes are averaged together and the results are tallied. The top three finishers are awarded a gold (
), silver (
), or bronze (
) OHB badge that appears on their profile. BotBrs can also see who made which entry, examine the scores given by each voter, see the IRC log during the OHB, and upload MP3 renders of entries.

See OHB for more details.

Two Hour Battles (2HB's)
Similar to an OHB but with a two hour entry period! The top three finishers are awarded a gold (
), silver (
), or bronze (
) 2HB badge that appears on their profile.

See 2HB for more details.

Four Hour Battles (4HB's)
Similar to an OHB and 2HB but with a four hour entry period! The top three finishers are awarded a gold (
), silver (
), or bronze (
) 4HB badge that appears on their profile.

See 4HB for more details.

If you are a beginner struggling with the demands of an XHB you might benefit from watching some XHB Vlogs by experienced BotBrs.

Pit Fights
A 1vs1 battle type which isn't implemented yet.

Interstellar Black Hole Hostile Crusades
A presumably team battle, that generally does not happen. We have very little information about them, but it seems safe to assume that they are not implemented. They are hardly debated. In fact, they have not yet been discussed, or even thought of, by any botbr. Interstellar Black Hole Hostile Crusades (sparsely referred to as IBHHC) are not considered a thing, by a vast majority totality of botbrs.

Battle Series

Some major battles have been a yearly tradition of Battle of the Bits since its early ages; here's a complete list of every Major Battle that has at least a sequel:
- Ann Arbor
- Detroit
- Winter Chip
- 3xThemeChip
- Amen Sin
- Apache Saw
- Produce Cover
- Summer Chip
- Spring Tracks
- Metal
- Doom
- Drill and Bass
- Usability
- SPC Echoes
- Spooky
- FM Synth
- Game Jam
- Trilogy
- Cheese Dance
- Advent Calendar
- GraphX
- Dungeon Synth
- Capitalistic Battles
- Future Battles
- The Ultimate Hum

- Monthly Format Challenge
Single-Format Monthly Battles, that take place every month with a different format. This battle type features only one format (as the name already implies) and can have a theme.

And there's also a couple of XHB series.


Sorry, I just love stats way too much to not do this.
Here's the Top-List of finished battles with the most entries on BotB!
(Updated: Feb 26 2023)

438 Entries

389 Entries

375 Entries

357 Entries

330 Entries

325 Entries

324 Entries

322 Entries

318 Entries

312 Entries

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