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it's an unexpanded VIC 20 tracker for your browser!
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baby-k is a VIC20-music tracker developed by puke7 which runs in your browser and is able to export to a .prg that you can run on an unexpanded VIC20-console. The file format used to share project files is .json, which is what is used for submitting to this format.

You can download the tool here:
A manual can be found here:

It is currently in its beta stage, which means there are probably some bugs. If you find any, use this thread to mention and discuss them:

You can see the demo groove playing on hardware here:

Puke7 kindly shared to us a very good video tutorial:

- For saving a .json song, you need to press shift+ctrl+s (if eventually no saving window appears when saving it, just enter "JSON.stringify(" in the console from the developer tools, and all .json code will appear there)
- For opening a .json song, just drag a .json file over a baby-k opened in a web browser.

Restrictions on submit

Your entry has to be a .json file that was saved in baby-k and is able to load in baby-k.

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