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A scripting based music composition for win32 (.NET 2.0 framework required) tool similar (if not right down inspired) to MML. It's creator has stopped development on it temporarly and it's the brand new pandatracker (build from the ground up, a bit different concept but more open to the type of sounds you can create)

How are "sounds" made? Well, the script files contain basically two sections:
##synth and ##tune

##synth describes the sounds, the wave shapes you'll get, how your instruments will sound. It's based on C# and as long as you know the math behind the sound you wan (triangle, sawtooth, FM synthesis, noise, among others) sounds like a very powerful tool to compose through mml.

##tune describes the way in which said instruments will be used. Here goes the mml inspired part so abcdefg are you notes, you also get # (sharp notes), rests, note lenght, chord command as well.

There's no replayer for this "format" but there's simply no need. A converter from .athtune (text based file describing sounds and song) to .wav which would allow composers to listen and distribute their music.

Download here

Thanks athaudia for the tool, and for n00bing up the concept for me to grasp xD