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amigamod (format)

Amiga MOD

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Music made for the Commodore Amiga. 4-channel .mod file!
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  3. Accepted file format
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The .mod filetype was the tracker module file for Protracker, originally developed for the Commodore Amiga. The original filetype had 4 channels of playback with 15 sample based instruments, though later versions upped the sample limit to 31 (which is supported by BotB). Protracker was one of the first and most popular examples of software, and the .mod format saw extensive use in the demoscene and video game development.

While the .mod format originated with Protracker, these days there is a wide variety of software that can import and/or export the module.

The following applies/is interesting for more battle formats/composing in other trackers, so that's got to find a special place somewhere someday

Effect details --
volume is an effect
1xx, 2xx, 5xx, 6xx, Axx, Bxx, Cxx, Dxx, Exx, Fxx <-- no memory

Effects allowed:
0xy - Arpeggio
1xx - Portamento up
2xx - Portamento down
3xx - Portamento to specific note
4xy - Vibrato
5xy - Volume Slide (Axy) + Portamento (3xx)
6xy - Volume Slide (Axy) + Vibrato (4xy)
7xy - Tremolo
9xx - Sample offset
Axy - Volume Slide
Bxx - Jump to pattern
Cxx - Set volume (00 - 64)
Dxx - Pattern break to row XX (up to 3F)
E1x - Fine Porta up
E2x - Fine Porta down
E3x - Glissando Control
E4x - Vibrato Waveform
E5x - Finetune
E6x - Pattern Loop
E7x - Tremolo Waveform
E9x - Retrigger Note
EAx - Fine Volume Slide Up
EBx - Fine Volume Slide Down
ECx - Note Cut
EDx - Note Delay
EEx - Pattern Delay
EFx - Invert Loop
Fxx - Set Speed (from 0 to 20 (hex))
Fxx - Set Tempo (anything higher than 20 will set the bpm instead of speed)

Available note range [varies by tracker] --
C-3 .. A-5 (Higher than A-5 will make notes distorted on a real amiga)

xmplay, right-click, options and stuff, MOD, interpolation, off

4 channels with hard panning == L R R L

pattern length must be 64 rows (40 in hex)


- Protracker
- MilkyTracker
- MODPlug Tracker

Restrictions on submit

Protracker module format spec

Accepted file format


Playback (for voting)

Use the tools mentioned above.
Also, Winamp and many media players play .mod files.

See also

- Tracker
- demo scene

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