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adlib (format)

AdLib soundcard

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Music made for an adlib soundcard.
accepted file formats - too many - check plugin support list
  1. Tools
  2. Restrictions on submit
  3. Accepted file format
  4. Playback (for voting)
  5. Render to MP3
  6. See also
The adlib format is a specific format of the soundchip adlib (soundchip).


- Adlib Tracker II (Windows, DOS) (*.a2m)
- AMusic v1.12 (*.amd)
- Reality Adlib Tracker (Windows, DOS) (*.rad)
- Faust Music Creator (DOS) (*.fmc)
- Scream Tracker 3 (DOS) (*.s3m)
- Schism Tracker (Windows, Linux, OS X, BSD) (*.s3m)
- MODPlug Tracker (Windows) (*.s3m, *.mptm)

Scream Tracker 3 modules (*.s3m) are ordinarily sample-based, but the format also supports the AdLib soundcard. Modules that use AdLib instruments exclusively are fair game for submission. THAT MEANS NO SAMPLES. :) The same goes for MPT modules (*.mptm).

Schism Tracker: To create an AdLib instrument go to the samples list and press Alt-Z. The documentation for Schism Tracker's AdLib instrument creation is here:

Restrictions on submit

The entry must be created using the adlib soundcard (emulation).

Accepted file format

.a2m, .amd, .rad, .fmc among many others

Playback (for voting)

Use one of the tools mentioned above! or one of these alternatives;
- Droidsound-E (Enhanced version) (Android)
- XMplay/winamp plug-in available here

Render to MP3

Create a .wav file and convert it to MP3. How to create that .wav depends on your tool...

See also

- adlib (soundchip)
- adlib (soundcard)
- Adlib Tracker II