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The YMZ280B is a PCM/ADPCM decoder for game machine that simultaneously play back eight voices.


- Voice data stored in external memory can be played back simultaneously for up to eight voices.

- Voice data format can be selected from 4-bit ADPCM, 8-bit PCM and 16-bit PCM. The 4-bit ADPCM format is compatible with the YMZ263B (MMA).

- Control of voice data external memory
Up to 16M bytes of ROM or SRAM (x 8 bits, access time 150 ns max) can be connected.
Continuous acess possible.
Loop playback between selective addres is possible.

- Voice data playback frequency control
4-bit ADPCM ...................... 0.172 to 44.1kHz in 256 steps
8-bit PCM, 16-bit PCM ........ 0.172 to 88.2kHz in 512 steps
- 256 steps total level and 16 steps panpot can be set.

- Voice signal is output in stereo 16-bit 2's complement MSB-first format.


YMZ280B is used in the following formats:


XM to VGM converter
v0.2 by nineko (need MSVBVM50.DLL to work properly)

Sound Chips
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