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World Map

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The world map may be split up by console.

When a clan stakes a claim on a piece of land, the clan must do so in a 'console continent'.
The console continent is directly related to the clan abilities format choice. Your format choice is 'where you live'.
However, that does not restrict the clans format choices, it only affects it's bonuses.

As a continent becomes more populated than the cost (boons) of living there goes up.

For example, if Nintendo is the most commonly used format, the cost of having a territory on 'Nintendo Continent' will be high. Where as Vic20 (if less popular) would be an inexpensive place to stake some land.

This would encourage clans (BotBrs) to diversify their formats and skills, and be rewarded for it.
When new consoles come on the scene there will be a new affordable area for clans to expand into, then vacant land to move onto.
As consoles go in and out of popularity then the cost of land will go up and down, causing once expensive land to become affordable again, creating a cycle.