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Vortex Tracker II Effects Commands


  1. Instruments Column
  2. Effects Column
  3. Envelope Amount List
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Fun fact! VTII has the same range of features and effects as Pro Tracker 3. x. on the actual ZX Spectrum, so you might as well try to use that one.

Instruments Column

This one consists of four options (not obligatorily in HEX, at least for the first one):

- Sample number
- Envelope type (usually it's either A for triangle, C for more harsh envelope and F to disable envelopes for this channel at all)
- Ornament number (responsible for arps)
- Channel volume (also depends on what volume your sample has)

Effects Column

1xyz Tone slide up
2xyz Tone slide down
3xyz Portamento (slides from C-1 to the current note)
4xxx Sample offset (start at a certain sample's frame)
5xxx Ornament offset (ditto)
6xyz Vibrato (interrupts and replays notes again at a certain rate)
9xyz Envelope slide up
Axyz Envelope slide down
Bxxx Speed

More detailed description of effects yet to come!

Envelope Amount List

The following could be as well fetched either via AutoEnv feature or with the help of Vortex Tracker II Improved by siril/4d (it even shows envelope data as simple and understandable tracker notes!). If you can't use either of these, you can't live without this, ahem, little table.

C-1 D1
C#1 C5
D-1 BA
D#1 B0
E-1 A6
F-1 9D
F#1 94
G-1 8C
G#1 84
A-1 7C
A#1 75
B-1 6F
С-2 68
С#2 63
D-2 5D
D#2 58
E-2 53
F-2 4E
F#2 4A
G-2 46
G#2 42
A-2 3E
A#2 3B
B-2 37
C-3 34
C#3 31
D-3 2F
D#3 2C
E-3 2A
F-3 27
F#3 25
G-3 23
G#3 21
A-3 1F
A#3 1D
B-3 1C

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