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Vombot is a chatbot developed by puke7, residing within both the BotB IRC channel and Cave Dingle Discord server.


Vombot's main function is as a chatbot, utilizing Markov's chain -- a mathematical model that hops between multiple states based on recorded probabilities -- to string together a sentence. An essentially prototypical version of the same concept was submitted by puke himself as an OHB entry in 2011. A number of specific keywords, however, can also trigger a specialized response.

Output (Discord text)

56 :D

case in point
:point_right: in :briefcase:

oi mate watch your fuckin' language

:pizza: PRAISE ZA! :pizza:

A picture of Tater, puke's pug dog.

Later on, due to necessity, a second function was added upon Vombot. From 2017 onwards, it has acted as the relay link between Cave Dingle's #battle-of-the-bits channel and Espernet's #botb IRC channel.


Vombot's influence on BotB has been great ever since its launch, providing a number of memorable quotes and battles for many a BotBr.
"susmasterzen" sounds lol no ps3 and play Splatterhouse and hate yourself at 1.77MHz.

that's almost failed my overlay stuff deleted, because autism hell vombot won't make intelligent robotoid

Jakerson : the song?

800 I scored a gentleman!

kleeder core that's racist!

galgox makes nasty lsdj dubstep lol :joy: :joy:) in 36 ohbs last 35 !!!!!!!!!

cock is bearable i survived an "accident"

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See also, what is essentially proto-Vombot.
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