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VGM Music Maker is a Windows based tracker for composing in Sega Genesis / Mega Drive .vgm format. It's made by Shiru, who also created TFM Music Maker. While TFM supported 6 channels of FM synthesis for the YM2612 chip, VGM Music Maker added support for the Texas Instruments SN76489, a PSG chip capable of 3 square wave channels and a noise channel, which can also produce periodic noise, as well as sample support in the 6th YM2612 channel.

VGM Music Maker, as well as its' TurboSound FM analog, TFM Music Maker, are no longer supported by Shiru, nor they are available from his site.

Tracker structure

The YM2612 uses 4op instruments. In FM Synthesis you have 2 types of operators, a Carrier, which is the starting sound, and a Modulator, which, well, modulates it. With 4op, you get 4 operators. In VGM Music Maker, you can select how you want your carrier or carriers to be modulated with the 8 different algorithms in the instrument screen.

For example:
1->2->3->4-> (algorithm 0) means the carrier tone (Operator 4, in green) will be modulated in sequence
but if you use algorithm 4:


Op. 3 will be modulated by Op. 1, Op. 4 will be modulated by Op. 2, and the outputs of Op. 3 and 4 will be mixed.

You can edit the keyboard commands by editing the .kbd file in the /misc/ directory that comes with the vgm maker. This file should be then selected in Preferences, Keyboard layout.

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