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Uploading Pics


  1. Basic Restrictions
  2. Width Restrictions
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DISCLAIMER: This is no longer a BotB feature. BotB is not responsible for any consequences of trying to summon this lost power, including but not limited to: severe injury, very severe injury, hell portal, frog feet.

BotB has majik arcane transfer image powers that utilize a widget or two so BotB can receive said images from me and you.

Basic Restrictions

When uploading picture files to BotB please note the restrictions of filesize and width. If the pic is bigger than the maximum filesize it will be banished. Width restrictions are coverd below.

All uploading pics must be WORK SAFE. =D/

Width Restrictions

If the pic is wider than the maximum width allowed BotB utilizes PHP's built-in GD library to resize it.
* This reduces all animated pics to their first frame.
* It also can severely kill the quality of a JPG

For Example:

The following pic is 600 pixels wide --

However, the maximum width for pics attached to posts & comments is 440 pixels. If a BotBr with bonus magic power to do so uploads the picture above it could end up looking like this --

As you can see it's just a big stupid!! xP

But then the slacker admin narrows his senile eyes and makes a fix!!


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