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  1. Sign Up and Format Selection
  2. Splitting the Group Into Brackets
  3. Swiss Robin Round
  4. Elimination Bracket
  5. Rounds and Time
  6. Championship
BotB Tournaments made their first appearance for "BotB's Fall Open Invitational" in 2017. Systematically, a Tournament is a type of Battle that invokes many series of Pit Fights to decide advancement and, ultimately, the Tournament Champion!

Sign Up and Format Selection

The first phase of a Tournament is the Sign Up Period. This typically is open to all BotBrs for two weeks before the actual Tournament begins. BotBrs are allowed to select as many Battle Formats as they desire. BotBrs with earned Format Badges are forced to add said Formats as a Pit Fight option. For each Pit Fight the system will select a common format between the two BotBrs that has been used the least so far in the Tournament. If there is no common Format between BotBrs for a Pit Fight then the Format defaults to `allgear`.

Splitting the Group Into Brackets

The first round of the Tournament will be a Swiss Robin Round to rank all BotBrs. The top group will progress to the Mighty Sky Bracket while the remaining group descends to the n00b Hades Pool.

Mighty Sky Bracket
This is a simple Elimination Bracket. The size of this group is found by dividing the count of entrants in half and then finding the next highest Power of Two (Examples: 37 entrants = 16; 17 entrants = 8; 63 entrants = 16).

n00b Hades Pool
All BotBrs that did not advance to the Mighty Sky Bracket will be subjected to another Swiss Robin Round. The number of BotBrs that shall proceed to the n00b Hades Elimination Bracket will be half the number in the Mighty Sky Bracket (Example: 37 entrants (or 21 in the pool) = 8; 17 entrants (or 9 in the pool) = 4; 63 entrants (or 47 in the pool) = 16).

Swiss Robin Round

BotBrs will participate in 4 Pit Fights each. The list of entrants is randomized, each entrant challenging +1 down the line and half way down the line (don't ask me -- everyone gets 4 Pit Fights). BotBrs are then ranked by Wins and then Sum of Scores (Example: 4 Wins 0 Losses 99.123 ranks higher than 3 Wins 1 Loss 123.999).

Elimination Bracket

An Elimination Bracket is a simple devolving tree. Each round a BotBr must win a single Pit Fight to advance. Once all other entrants are eliminated the last remaining BotBr becomes the Bracket Champion.

Rounds and Time

Each round will last one week. Most other details are not set in stone. Will the entry period be 3 days with 4 for voting or will the entry period be 4 days with 3 for voting? What day does the each round start? Saturday? Sunday? Tuesday?

For Swiss Robin Rounds the BotBrs will be limited to 2 (or 4?) Hour Pit Fights. BotBrs do not have to create their entries simultaneously, but within the given entry period. The timer for each Pit Fight starts once the BotBr finds out what the Format and Bit Pack are.


Finally, after both Brackets are completed, the winner of the n00b Hades Bracket will challenge the winner of the Mighty Sky Bracket to a final Pit Fight to decide the truest Tournament Champion!

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