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The Ultimate Hum (Battle series)


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The Ultimate Hum is a series of projects featuring over 20 BotBrs organized and lead by Maximemoring. There have been two projects in its history. The Ultimate Hum: OST took place in mid-2020 up to Christmas 2020, and was hosted as a series of weekly 4HBs. The second, The Ultimate Hum: Exploration, is taking place as a multi-period major with one-week-long Rounds.

The aim of the project is to get as many BotBrs on board to bring the BotB battle format to a whole new level with a polishing stage, mastering, and a subsequent release on its dedicated Bandcamp account
. Album Tracks are selected via gold badge wins plus a large selection by the Polish Team after all rounds.

How it works

The organization is mainly done via BotB Bulletins, puke's Discord server, and a work Discord Server. Every person who wants a spot on the album has to be reasonably available on one of the Discord servers for communication and mastering especially.

To keep in touch with the ongoings of the current project, check the #ultimate-hum-chats channel in puke's discord server
and/or join the official work server

The Ultimate Hum: Exploration
This project is currently ongoing! It features the brand new multi-period battle feature, which allows to have a singular battle have multiple sets of entries, votes and results. The rules are similar to how it is explained below, but was updated as described below. Here is the README bulletin for it!

There has been some technical difficulties during the second Round, which caused the Round to last for 3 weeks. It is thus currently recommended to keep in touch with the announcements.

The Ultimate Hum: OST
The first battle was organized as follows:
1. Host a series of 10 weekly 4HBs, Saturdays 3PM EST for each selected inspiration piece of these masterpieces by Mark Ferrari

2. At the end of the series, up to 40 extra tracks were selected to make the album. That's 4 tracks per Round on average!
3. Tracks were then polished by working as a team on Discord
3.1 While tracks were being worked on, we hosted a Pixel 4HB for the album cover based on the overall feel of the completed album selections
4. Host a final Remix 4HB, and give it the same extra pick treatment
—> This was skipped since the previous battles already had a lot of selections and the album would've been too big.
5. We finally put all selected, polished and mastered tracks on our dedicated Bandcamp account

OST Rules
- No one is required to participate in multiple battles to have a chance to win a spot
- Unless otherwise stated under WINNING LIMIT rule, gold winner is automatically taken for the album
- FORMAT: Wildchip - Use whichever tool you want, but the end-product, the track must have at least some chippiness to it.
- FEEL: NES/SNES - Think of "feel" as the "chippiness" of Wildchip. It's largely a basis, an inspiration, in order to unify us under one sound design theme and give some purpose. It means at least use some NES/SNES-compatible sounds. It has to be noticeable! The bitpack should help you with that
- This doesn't restrict feel to NES/SNES. You can mix feels with other chips and non-chip/VSTs at will.
- To promote fairness, if you win battles with gold more than twice, you will have to choose after the 10 battles which tracks you will want to "keep", in which case, the others will see the silver winner be chosen instead.
- This does not however limit the amount of total tracks selected for the album in the end, we may or may not still select it as an extra (after the main battles) if we see fit.
- Everyone who participates and intends to make it at least once in the album MUST ACCEPT that, if they win, they will work with the small team to finish, polish, upgrade their own winning track(s). Mixing/mastering will be done with LittleTheremin!
- You MUST be reasonably contactable through puke's Discord server (or thus the official IRC) so you could be invited to the work server. You will subsequently need to be at least somewhat active on that work server during this multi-week stage or have your track(s) removed from the album and replaced.
- You can start doing so at any point, whether or not you think you won, however you must still work with us during the standalone polish period.
- Helping others with ideas or even collabing is entirely up to you, but highly appreciated.
- No complete overhauls

Major Changes for Exploration
- Instead of a series of 4HBs, it uses the new multi-period major feature recently developped by puke, going for 8 week-long rounds, each from Saturdays ~5PM EST to Friday 5PM, then followed by a 22 hour-long voting period for each pack of genres
- The Polish Stage will go for 2 weeks and modification will be optional
- Every week had a Genre as its theme. These genres will generally be large and overarching.
- The "Feel" rule which vaguely anchored the project to a certain chip is not active

Bandcamp Revenue

The project had in mind to support every person who participated in it and gave a fair share to everyone who worked on it. This, however, was a controversial topic for the community, and it was decided by vote later on, that all earnings will go to puke7 directly from the second project onwards. Though, everyone who wanted a payout did get one for the amount they were promised.

Check this bulletin for all details on how it worked.

Previous Battles

The Ultimate Hum: OST
- Round I
- Round II
- Round III
- Round IV
- Round V
- Round VI
- Round VII
- Round VIII
- Round IX
- Round X
- Album Cover Art (Pixel)

The Ultimate Hum: Exploration
- Complete Battle

Website and Patreon

Max also launched a Patreon Page
as well if someone wants to support him managing the project and keeping it alive. There is also a website in the making for the project, although this is mostly a dream at the moment.

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