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  1. Capabilities
  2. Quick set up
  3. Expert tricks
  4. Links for further development
  5. See also
<<Give some information on the tool, its creator, history and use. In case created by a BotBer, refer to the profile page; any links to the homepage should be made there and not here. It is also possible to point out global differences with other tools here>>


<<Give a good description about the capabilities of the tool, the strong points and weak points. Especially those characteristics that are interesting when picking a battle...>>

Quick set up

<<Provide a donload link and if necessary a quick walkthough on how to set it up and get to composing. Separate configuring from composing by making sub headers>>
Download here: <<TOOL>> donload

<<Configuration instructions>>

<<composing instructions. In case applicable, refer to Lyceum articles with commando/function overviews>>

Expert tricks

<<Quick tricks, tips, complicated thingies; mention them here>>

<<provide a link to the developer or development page in case a BotBer would like to participate in developing. Is the developer an BotBer, refer then to the profile page>>

See also

<<List all related lyceum articles mentioned above. This helps keeping linked documents traceable>>
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