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  1. Tools
  2. Restrictions on submit
  3. Accepted file format
  4. Playback (for voting)
  5. Render to MP3
  6. See also
<<description of what the format is doing; refer to hardware console or specific tool where it has been originating from>>


<<list references to the Lyceum articles describing the tools applying to this format>>
- <<Tool A>>
- <<Tool B>>

Restrictions on submit

<<mention the (common) restrictions and requirements on the format>>

Accepted file format

<<mention the accepted file formats. This information will be redundant with the format characteristics on the right. But they might have been outdated; by mentioning them here gives puke the possibility to update it later>>

Playback (for voting)

<<describe how an entry should be played back for voting. Don't assume the voter has the same set up as the one who made the entry; think n00b here. Refer to tools>>

Render to MP3

<<describe how an entry can be rendered t an MP3. Don;t go into a step-by-step description unless really necessary. Refer to the appropriate tools instead>>

See also

<<List all related lyceum articles mentioned above. This helps keeping linked documents traceable>>
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