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TTrak is a brand new native Atari ST tracker, developed by demoscene group Reservoir Gods and released on July 4th, 2020. Its release was not only on time for and released as part of the Sommarhack 2020 demo party, but also on time for Summer Chip X, which so happens to contains the format this tracker was made for. How coincidental!

This program is currently in beta! That means that between this page's creation and the next update, some things within the subject of this article are subject to change!


TTrak is a tracker that takes major design cues from Karsten Obarski's legendary Ultimate Soundtracker for the Amiga, whilst also implementing modern features into the setup. One such feature is the addition of tooltips, displaying what a button does when mousing over it. Much like modern tooltips, it also comes with keyboard commands to do such action without pressing the button, making learning its layout much more expedient.

In terms of basic capabilities, it's not far off from other trackers like maxYMiser or MusicMon. In fact, it has many things in common with the latter tracker; both of their designs, from a ground-up level, are inherently similar. Both feature mouse-friendly designs and separate instrument editors, each of which support a wide gammaut of sounds, as well as sampling. The "detune matrix" is inspired by maxYMiser.


The following is a list of capabilities TTrak currently has.
  • .sndh export.
  • Multiple timer effects, including SID sound, Sync Buzzer, Digidrums, and Octave-based FM.
  • Groove function, replacing the need for multiple Fxx commands in order to create a pitch swing.
  • A simplified pitch modulation system supporting arps, detuning, pitch slides, and even frequency modulation.

- Official website
, including download link.
- Mirror downloads
by Demozoo, in case the above links fail you.
- A series of video tutorials
done by TTrak coder Damo.
- Official twitter account
, can you believe it?

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