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TEDzakker is native C16 TED/plus4-tracker released by Hermit
(404 page...) in late 2015. You can download the tool here
. ( at Pouet: Hermit
, TEDzakker


TEDzakker provides support for up to 16 subtunes, 100 patterns, 58 instruments, 6 different player-types for different needs and rastertimes/sizes, HerMIDI MIDI-interface support and much more. (Check the trackers readme-file for further information!)

Does not support NTSC on hardware!

Quick set up

Windows: If you wanna work with an emulator, download the and extract all files in a directory of your choice. Now open your VICE Plus4-Emulator and go to File->Attach disk image->Drive 8 (or just hit Alt+8).
Navigate to your TEDzakker-folder and select the tedzakker.d64-file.
Now go back to File->Autostart disk/tape image and select one of the following .prg-files:
- tedzakker-demo.prg
- tedzakker-horiz.prg
- tedzakker-light.prg
- tedzakker-medium.prg
- tedzakker-normal.prg
- tedzakker-xtra.prg

All of those trackers have some different behaviour and/or features, but you can look them up in the readme-file. Just start with medium or normal, whatever you want.
The tracker will now be loaded and you're ready to start a new track.

(notes about other operating systems: on GNU/Linux (and perhaps on MacOS-X and other operating systems) most Vice versions might not recognize bios files and refuses to start - old ms-windows versions of Vice might work fine on Wine - other emulators like Yape might be considered as valid alternatives - and some emulators like Mame has no accurate sound emulator and doesn't save files on imagedisks )


I won't write down all the possibilities TEDzakker is offering, because you can simply look them up in the readme. (seriously, this readme is GOOD!)
Just some more notes:
- Save often! There may be crashes while you're working on your track.
- Not mandatory, but you should save your file with continuous numerating. Depending on your emulator settings, the file may or may not be overwritten if you're trying to save with the same file name over and over again. Just to be sure - save with different filenames!
- Download and install the tool DirMaster
to import or export files to the tedzakker.d64-disk image.

See also

- ted (format)
- TEDzakker tutorial (at youtube) made by kleeder