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A synclisten stream usually is a live event where a BotBr is playing all entries from a Major Battle in a livestream and other BotBrs are watching/listening it while they have fun in chatz! There were quiet a few synclisten streams for OHBs as well!

How to host

Well thats easy. Just create a new group thread (or post a comment in the related battle thread) and say you wanna host the stream. That's it! First come, first serve! Announcing it a few days before voting starts might be a good idea so that people can check if they have time for the stream.
There were different approaches in the past on how to do the stream. You can either do every entry in submission order or you can go through them format by format.
There's a special Streamview which can be used if you want: (replace xxxx with the Battle ID)

Some people are going crazy and stream the full battle in one big stream up to 12 or more hours, but its also cool to split it up into several smaller pieces. Reading out song titles, descriptions and maybe tags is also a common thing.

Synclisten List

(probably incomplete - most streams are not accessible anymore, the related threads are linked - majors only)

by R3M and MKSTAR26

by ipi

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