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SnoozeTracker is a SN76489 music tracker made on the Unity framework. It was in development by Erik "tEFFx" Forsberg, but it seems like he has abandoned the project during its alpha state. As a result of this, only 2 versions have ever been released.

One of the main advantages of SnoozeTracker is that it allows for usage of pulse, sawtooth, triangle, sine, and sampled waves, which aren't featured on a typical SN76489. This requires heavy CPU usage if it were to be played on a real SMS console though. It only supports 50Hz PAL regions.

The tracker has a few bugs as well. One is that the MULTI WAVE button's function doesn't work. Since no Z80 engine for SnoozeTracker has ever been made, some people have built test ROMs based off the VGM logs it exports, and the results weren't good.

Btw nobody seems to have talked about this tracker in recent months