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Sleizsa is a low level sequencer for the Channel F microchip, created by B00daw in 2008. The name is taken of the NTSC chip of the latest Fairchild Channel F: 'SL31254'. It inspired B00daw to 'de-l33t' it.


Sleiza is a monophonic sequencer, using either a chromatic scale of tones and/or direct frequencies to be played back. The interface for composing is a pseudo mml langauage, giving you the possibility to create an assembly file that is directly parsed by the assembler. The language gives you the freedom to change the speed, noise level and pitch frequency at any time, sometimes resulting in unexpected behaviour. Which can be fun, too.

Depending on using the NTSC (default in Sleizsa) or PAL version of Channel F in the emulator, a different range of notes is available:
= G3 through A#6 (+ all *sharps* in between)
= A3 through C7 (+ all *sharps* in between)

Quick set up

Download here: Sleizsa donload

Mirror here: Sleizsa donload mirror

Open up 'main.asm' in the 'src' directory.
Under 'Assembly Configuration' you can choose for PAL and change the size to be taken up in the memory of the emulator. More space means longer songs are possible but at a certain (unknown) size you will run into problems. Default settings are good.

Open up '' to get started; do not change the name of the file (batch files will not be able to find it otherwise). The pseudo mml-language instructions are included in the '' and the examples (in the 'examples' directory) should suffice the average user to be able to create a song. A copy of the original '' is located in examples as '', so you always start over with a fresh one.

Assemble and play your song with the batch files
  • "!compile" will assemble the song and output whatever errors, if any.
  • "!compile+run" will assemble and run the song as NTSC System II.
  • "!compile+run-pal" will assemble and run the song as PAL System II.
  • "!run" will run the song as NTSC System II.
  • "!run-pal" will run the song as PAL System II.

Expert tricks

If you like you sign your song at the bottom of the file. For trollolol BotBers: if you use long filenames this might fck up the calculation of the file.

Contact B00daw

See also

- Channel F (console)
- channelf (format)
- Sleizsa Duo
- Sleizsa Trio

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